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Video Production in Maryland, DC, Virginia and The Eastern Shore
Andrew Harper, 60iMedia Productions president and founder's background in graphic design, photography and writing, provided a natural progression into his passion for digital film making. Andrew deeply enjoys the art of storytelling through imagery and music. He particularly enjoys creating a videos that create a certain emotion through the use of proper music. A well chosen music track will complete the project and elevate it to a brand new level. The visual image through film making can be an incredible vehicle for businesses and organizations to capture their audiences attention like no other artistic medium. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video speaks volumes. It has been estimated that a 1 minute video is equal to 1.8 million words.

He states,
 "Video is a culmination of many exciting design elements that work together to form a story. A well crafted film can motivate its viewers into positive action; to act, to give, to believe or simply to entertain."
Andrew has filmed interviews with: Hollywood producers, directors, celebrities, legendary musicians, former senators and members of congress, scientists, government officials and CEO's of large associations and corporations, and filmed and edited public service announcements. He also films and photographs live events and concerts. His work has been broadcast on Fox Sports, Fox Collegiate Sports, The Golf Channel, TV ONE, NFL on CBS, Entertainment Tonight and Local Cable Television. His photography has been published in the Washington Post, Defenders of Wildlife magazine, annual reports and numerous organization's websites. Andrew has also photographed professional football. His film for the Fish and Wildlife Service was invited to participate in a film festival on clean water issues and he has received an award for his work with Earth Echo's President, Philippe Cousteau on saving the California Sea Otter. His PSA has helped raise over $1 Million for sea otter conservation efforts. Andrew is a two-time Television, Internet Video Association (TIVA-DC) award winner and sat on the Board of Directors for TIVA-DC.

Andrew loves crafting stories that make a difference. His work has been featured on Capitol Hill to help introduce legislation on land use issues and at the White House to help influence action on greener building. Andrew believes we can make a difference through media that matters.

Email us for a quote: andy@60iMedia.com

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